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Alpha Poultry and Livestock Equipment Inc. is bringing new cutting-edge technology that is both durable and versatile to the 11 western states.


Progress and Innovation in the Poultry Industry


Originating from the Netherlands, Volito proves to be the veteran in cage-free products for egg production. With roots dating back to 1989, Volito began their quest to be the leaders in the industry by starting off with their aviaries and advancing to nesting products for floor production evolving to what we know today as “cage-free” systems.


In November of 2016, CTB acquired Volito from the Dutch to be able to provide such advanced technology to Poultry Farmers in the United States. Doing so, U.S. Poultry Farmers are able to cater to consumers that are looking for cage-free products.


With the U.S floor layer market being distinct from other parts of the world, the new partnership between Chore-Time and Volito has constructed a new floor layer nest that composed specifically for the market in the United States.


Breaking it Down


Volito offers 5 separate systems to accommodate different demands:

Vike Aviary – System that provides outstanding results by integrating Volito Valego Nests

Volution Rearing – Two tier system with sliding doors for easy movement of pullets

Volito Floor System – Plastic slats, hardwood slats, slat washer and Volito A-Perch

Valego Layer Nests – Versatile common platform that provides a wide range of options

Valego Accessories – Accessories include: Valego Drive Unit, Valego Drive Unit with Egg Collection Table, Valego Conveyor, Valego Frequency Converter & Emergency Stop, Valego Egg Elevator, Valego Egg Belt Return Unit, and Valego Control Unit


Poultry Facts:

  • 9 pounds of feed required by a chicken to gain one pound
  • $3.7 billion annual turkey retail sales in the U.S.
  • 50 billion eggs are produced each year in the U.S.
  • 8 billion chickens are consumed each year in the U.S.

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